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It's not a website, it's a search result!

“Search Marketing” is the new business necessity“Search Marketing” is the new business necessityAdvertising and promotion takes many forms, but they all share one objective; to induce people to contact your business. The desired form of contact is different for every promotion as you may want people to visit your store or call your business phone, but the purpose is always the same.  You want to reach more people to grow your business.

It sounds simple, but it is immensely complicated

From an advertising perspective, choosing the right medium, crafting a message that gets results, the frequency of your ad, targeting the right demographic and a host of other factors will determine the success of your campaign.  The same holds true when you engage in any form of promotional activity. Will your action capture the attention of the people you need to reach?

This is the reason you have a website

The purpose of every website is to offer prospective customers enough information to make contact with your business. Whether you want to sell something, provide a service or just raise awareness, your website speaks to your intended purpose.

“Search Marketing” is the new business necessity

Today, people search online before they do anything, go anywhere or buy almost any product or service.  The convenience of search from any computer and the proliferation of smartphones mean that getting information is always at our fingertips.

Appearing prominently in search results is vital

Merely having a website means nothing unless it appears at the top of the search results for your specific keyword search phrase, i.e. “Whitefish restaurant” or “Flathead Valley photographer”, etc.

The best way to improve your search results

Get linked! Search engines judge your website’s value by the company you keep. Links from LOCAL authority websites add juice to your search results. In other words, strong local links will help your primary website perform better in search results.

Leverage mobile search

The Flathead Guide serves as the official Flathead Valley Business Directory and is optimized for smartphones. This means that when people search for your products or services using a smartphone, your listing in the directory accommodates their smaller display screen. Additionally, searches performed from a mobile phone actually see different results than the same search from a desktop PC. The Flathead Guide improves your odds of being found – reaching the people you want to contact.

Your best marketing valueThe most effective thing you can do is have your business listed in the Flathead Guide.

You could spend a fortune on search engine optimization (SEO), and other online marketing tactics, but the least expensive and most effective thing you can do is have your business listed in the Flathead Guide. For only $4 per month, we work for you 24 x 7 x 365 and help you get the attention you want from new customers and from the search engines.


Think about what you spend monthly for newspaper ads, radio or TV commercials or any of the other advertising options you get offered every day. There is simply no greater promotional value in the Flathead Valley.


Don’t let another customer choose a competitor, get listed today and get found. Add your listing to the Flathead Valley Business Directory now!


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